Snapshot update

In Montana outside the west entrance of Yellowstone at Rainbow Point campground. Probably going to do another day or 2 in Yellowstone. SO much to take in need at least a week out here. Updates when we hit the next hotel. 

5 thoughts on “Snapshot update

  1. Hi! I showed papa the site with all the pics and stories yesterday. He really enjoyed it – as have we! Keep having a ball! It looks like a great adventure! Xo

  2. Dad and I are so glad you’re having the adventure of a lifetime! It looks so cool. We now have a mid-west trip on our “bucket list”.

  3. WOW! Just got on board, can’t wait to check it all out! That photo of Odie in front of the lake is AMAZING! Wish we were with you . . . wicked jealous!

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