Day 3 – WI, MN, SD

Day 3 began with a slow start from Rockford, IL.


Our last night camping in PA had been in the back of a pickup truck, and as much as I love the setup for camping let’s be real, it’s not a good night sleep. The hotel in Rockford was a much welcomed upgrade after a long day of driving and a sub-par night’s sleep.


Rockford, IL is very close to the border of Wisconsin, so we ended up there pretty early in the morning after we started our day on the road to our next stop Sioux Falls, SD. We decided to take an early pit stop to the nearest Tractor Supply that was on our way to  pick up and few items for Odin to make his (and our) life a little more bearable. We got him a dog bed and water bowl that mounted to the side of his crate, both of which proved to be invaluable as he finally relaxed on this leg of the trip. We also dedicated my camelback as his on the road water supply so he was a pretty happy (spoiled) dog.


The GPS gave us the option of going through Iowa (corn fields) or Wisconsin/Minnesota (to our surprise, more cornfields) so we opted for the more scenic route of WI/MN.


Once we got into Wisconsin the Truckers were a lot less ruthless, we had one incident with a FedEx truck that cut us off as another big rig was entering the highway but we are still alive and in one piece, and I already complained enough about the big rigs (or did I…..) 🙂



When people tell you things change once you cross the Mississippi they are not kidding. It’s very subtle at first once you cross that great divide, but after a while of driving and letting the surrounds sink in, you really appreciate the beauty of the United States. It’s simply incomprehensible how vast and breath taking the United States is. Everyone on the East Coast who thinks they live in a rural settings is CLUELESS. You have not experienced rural until you visit the Midwest!


Forest Fire?!!!!!!! No… just some farmers burning a brush pile, ‘merica! 😀



Well… it’s midnight local time (er… wait no… damn laptop not updating the time!), we had a fun night over at the local watering hole “K’ravN”. I went out on a limb and tried the “New Fashion” which was basically an Old Fashion, Sioux Falls Style (aka a glass full of whiskey, they know how to party on a Wednesday out here 🙂 ).  Met some cool locals who helped point us in the right direction for sights tomorrow, so stay tuned for more updates!

Peace out from Sioux Falls, SD!


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  1. Love reading about your trip. Your wedding was beautiful, Liz your dress was gorgeous. Pictures weren’t to good from phones. Brian and Eric looked handsome. So sorry I miss the wedding, it upset me very much. Love to you both and safe and happy trails ahead. Love ❤

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