Day 1 & 2 -MA, NY, PA, OH, IN, IL

Yes, we made it through all those states in just 2 days!!! lol

Day 1:

Consisted of a long drive through upstate NY to our first destination: Allegheny National Forest in PA.


We would have stayed on the NY side but considering they don’t give a **** about personal freedoms, we crossed the border to sleep in the free state of PA! It’s a shame that NY City gets to govern the entire state NY, its clear the people upstate do not agree with their rights being taken left and right (as evident by the many “repeal the SAFE Act” signs in peoples front yards).

We stayed at “Willow Bay” campground, which was right on the Allegheny Reservoir and managed by the National Forest Service.




To our great surprise, THERE WAS NO WATER!!! (well some but not much) Just as we walked down the trail which would have lead up to the water, another camper came over and introduced himself and filled us in on the situation. Apparently this is the lowest the water level has ever been in the past 20ish years. It was a dry year, and the city of Pittsburgh needed the water so they drained it.

Day 2:


THOSE F***ING TRUCKERS!!!!!! For those of you who have not traveled cross country, let me fill you in on a little secret, TRUCKERS SUCK! Big rigs have this signature move on 2 lane highways, where they will cut into your lane at lightening speed, go ONE MILE PER HOUR over the speed limit, only to slowly overtake the even slower big rig in the right lane. Not only that, but if you try to over take them on the right, they will just cut you off again and slow back down.

Ok now that i got that out of the way…. 🙂

We left PA around 12pm, way past the 8am deadline we had planned. Our next stop was Rockford, IL to a hotel so we were not in a particular rush to leave the area. We found a nice lake on the way to the highway in PA and let Odie swim a bit to tire him out for the car ride.


Ohio and Indiana were not very memorable, flat land and corn fields for the whole time pretty much. Cleveland we agreed to call “the new Worcester” as it reminded us of a similar situation to Worcester, always the next “up and coming big thing” but never amounted to anything (sorry Cleveland, maybe if we get a chance to visit on the way home we can paint a better picture 😛 )


(even the snap chat filter is ghetto)

Hit rush hour traffic in Chicago due to the time change which we forgot about but was not as bad as we expected it to be, and we got some good pics of the city!


Will try and get some pictures up and more stories later, tired from the day long drive and about to chow down on some deep dish pizza!


Next stop: Sioux Falls, SD!

2 thoughts on “Day 1 & 2 -MA, NY, PA, OH, IN, IL

  1. I love all the updates and the pictures! While is WI you should visit Flo and the family.
    The photo booth pictures are hilarious!!

    Thanks for all the updates, and keep having fun!!

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